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Commonly Asked Questions

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For Inquiring Couples


How would you describe your style?

My style is light, bright and airy. I love light, bright, cleanly saturated images that help bring my couples dream day to life.


What equipment do you use?

I'm a Nikon girl! I currently shoot with a Nikon Mirrorless Camera, and arrive to every wedding with backup lenses, gear, rain equipment, and a styling kit to ensure your day is as seamless as possible. 


What do I wear on a wedding day?

We (my second and I) dress professionally to every wedding we shoot, and are typically in black, from head to ankle. A girl has to be able to wear a fun (yet comfortable) shoe.. it IS a celebration!!!


How many images will we get?

This is completely dependant on YOUR wedding day. Every couples day is unique. If your one of my more detail oriented brides who spend a lot of money and attention to every detail of your day or have a VERY large group of family and friends that you want images with, you will be getting more images than a couple who is going for a more simplistic, and smaller wedding approach. So while I can't give you a number, I will say that I ensure you get every image that I would want MY photographer to give my on my wedding day. 


Do you charge a travel fee?

Yes. If your Venue is 2 hours or more away, there is a travel fee. The fee is dependant on the distance of the drive. IF your wedding also ends later in the night, I also request my couples to provide reasonable accommodation for 1 room for myself & second (if applicale) for the night. Looking through a camera for 8+ hours can be very exhausting on the eyes, and driving 2 hours (or more) late at night after a full wedding day is something that can be very dangerous. I have a family that I love and want to ensure I get home to them safely. :-) Thank you for understanding!!


Do you give out RAW images?

I do NOT give out RAW images. Reason why? As a creative being, it has taken (SO MUCH) time, sweat and tears trying to figure out WHO I am as a photographer and exactly what style speaks to me. That being said, I want any images that I give to my clients to represent that growth and gives future potential clients an idea of what to expect when they book my services. 


Do you have liability Insurance? 

Absolutely! While wedding days are simply the MOST amazing days, they can sometimes be unpredictable. It is a peace of mind to make sure my business is protected in the event of any unforeseen mishaps or events.


We are considering a package with a 2nd Shooter, how do you find your seconds?

I typically have a select few second photographers that I reach out to and have worked with previously. Be assurred that if they are new to me, I have taken the time to interview them, & review their work. If we have worked together before they are aware of what I expect from them on a wedding day and only have the best intentions of serving my couples on their dream day. 


Were loving what we have seen, what can we expect from you if we move forward?

My number one goal from a wedding day is for my couples to TRUST and know I have their back. I am your #1 hype girl and am there to ensure your day is as amazing as you always dreamt it would be. During the planning process I create custom shot lists for each of my clients to ensure we are getting ALL of the images that are important to them. Not only am I your photographer on the day of, but also think of me as a long lost bestie who is there to ensure you get everything you hoped for from your wedding day... amazing, incredible images included. 

For My Booked Couples


We just booked!! What's next??

Once I have received your Non-Refundable Deposit along with the completion of your contract, I will send you a link to get your Engagement Session scheduled! In the email you will receive an Engagement Session Style Guide to help guide you on recommendations for outfit choices, along with other helpful tips to ensure your session is everything you hoped for!


Were in love with our Engagement Photos! What print products do you offer?

We offer a variety of print products including custom Save The Dates, and Custom Wedding Guest Books using your Engagement Session images! Inquire with me for more information!


When should I mail out my Save The Dates?

The general rule of thumb is 6-12 months prior to your Wedding Date. 


When should I mail out my Wedding Invitations?

A safe timeline is within 6-12 Weeks from Your Wedding Date. 


Do I have to tip my Vendors?

As with any situation where you would consider tipping someone, it is NEVER expected, but ALWAYS appreciated. This is a great task to allocate to your Wedding Planner (if you have one), or your Maid of Honor to ensure envelopes are handed out at before the end of the night. 


Ok.. So How Much Should I Tip?

So this varies based on the Vendor, and your experience with each individual Vendor, but  I have attached a little cheat sheet of some rule of thumb guidelines to help give you an idea. of where to start. 


Lets Chat Some More!
I can't wait to hear about your Dream day!

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